February 29 Reporting Bug

A problem can occur with Net worth Over Time graphs, Portfolio reports (such as Market Value and Annualized Return) and other reports (account balance for example) in Microsoft Money if certain transactions are made on February 29.

The reports appear to work fine if you set the date up to February 28, but fail if you set them one day later.

This problem can occur if any stocks/share transactions are made on February 29. To work around this, change the date on the transaction to either 28 February or 1 March. Although this isn't quite accurate (and will have some impact in performance reporting), it at least allows you to view reports again.

The above was discovered in Money 2005 UK, but could affect other versions of Money.

Thanks to 2020hindsight for the report in the Money UK newsgroup

Category: Reports

Keywords: Feb-29, Report, Portfolio