File extensions used with Microsoft Money

The list below are those which are installed onto your computer when installing Microsoft Money. Not all are used with every version of Money. Backup file extensions are made when converting from one version of Microsoft Money to another. Note also the MBF extension which is the backup of an active file. It is worth keeping the backup file until you are absolutely sure you're not going to revert to an older version.

MN1Microsoft Money v1 BackupVersion 1
MN2Microsoft Money v2 BackupVersion 2
MN3Microsoft Money v3 BackupVersion 3
MN4Microsoft Money 95 BackupVersion 4
MN5Microsoft Money 97 BackupVersion 5
MN6Microsoft Money 98 BackupVersion 6
MN7Microsoft Money 99 BackupVersion 7
MN8Microsoft Money 2000 BackupVersion 8
MN9Microsoft Money 2001 BackupVersion 9
M10Microsoft Money 2002 BackupVersion 10
M11Microsoft Money 2003 BackupVersion 11
M12Microsoft Money 2004 BackupVersion 12
M14Microsoft Money 2005 BackupVersion 14
M15Microsoft Money 2006 BackupVersion 15
M16Microsoft Money 2007 BackupVersion 16
MBFMicrosoft Money Backup File 
MNP Created on first run of Ultrasoft Money for PocketPC and Windows Mobile (Article 478)
MNYMicrosoft Money File 
OFXOpen Financial Exchange FileArticle 235
OFCOpen Financial Connectivity FileArticle 31 and Article 235
QIFQuicken Import FileArticle 235
SURFPLACESurfboard Shim Doc Object View 
LRDLock file for Money fileNot exclusive to Money

The only absolutely essential file is the .MNY file, which is your data. If you move your Money file from one machine to another, then this is the file you need to move. However, although not required to run Money, your backups (see Article 199) are critical files too.

The files MN1 - M16 are created when you install a new version of Microsoft Money. As part of the conversion process, it creates a backup copy of your unconverted file. The file uses the relevent extension to the version it was last used in. So, if you upgrade a Money 2004 file to Money Plus, your saved copy will have a file extension of M12. These files are not required for Money to run, but you should be sure you will never revert to an older version of Money again before you delete them. Only these files can be opened in the previous version of Money, not the MNY file.

See Article 235 for more information on OFX, OFC and QIF files.

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