Expired Online Services

Those who were early adopters to Microsoft Money Plus, will soon (if not already) find that their access to online services has expired.

You will be greeted with a message like that below:

Your online services in Money have expired

There is a button to extend your online services and another to remind you later.

If you choose the option to Extend Services, you will find that you do not connect to a Microsoft page, even though that is what you are expecting. There is no longer any option to purchase extended services.

The Microsoft FAQs (online service parts printed in Article 634) state the following:

What happens when my online services have expired?
When online services expire, Money no longer supports online quotes nor direct online banking (including bill-pay). Money can still process bank statements imported from your bank’s Web site (if available), and quotes can be manually updated.

Can I get quotes after online services expire?
No. Online quotes are part of the online services. Users can still manually update quote prices once online services have expired.

Note that you can still use Money, but you will lose the online functionality.

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