Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2001 US Versions

The features of each US 2001 versions are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. System Requirements can be found at Article 157.

 Fast, Easy Banking Features StandardDeluxeDeluxe & Business
New!Cash flow forecastxxx
New!Reminders of upcoming billsxxx
New!Budget Maintenancexxx
Improved!Budgeting and expenditure trackingxxx
Improved!Money Setup Assistantxxx
Improved!Online bill scheduling and payingxxx
Improved!Easy access to Help by typing questions in your own wordsxxx
Improved!Video and audio Helpxxx
 Electronic checkbookxxx
 Monthly reports of your financesxxx
 Online Access to Finances
Improved!Online banking with over 900 financial institutionsxxx
Improved!Ability to enter transactions anytime, anywherexxx
 Access to a summary of your investments and bills from a Web browserxxx
 E-mail reminders of bills duexxx
 Investing, Financial Planning, and Tax Management
New!Prioritization of your financial objectivesxxx
New!Feedback Panexxx
New!Frequent Flyer Mileage Trackingxxx
New!Baseline Plan Comparisonxxx
New!Inline Portfolio Expansionxxx
New!Investment Communitiesxxx
New!Integration with Kiplinger TaxCutxxx
Improved!Investment performance trackingxxx
Improved!Personal financial managementxxx
Improved!401(k) managementxxx
 Ability to research more than 16,000 stocks and mutual fundsxxx
 Integration with MSN MoneyCentral servicesxxx
 Online quotes, research investments, and financial news through MSN MoneyCentralxxx
 Tax Estimator and deduction finderxxx
 Tax Export Review feature to export data to tax software xxx
New!Tax Withholding Estimatorxxx
New!Insights and information about IPOsxxx
New!Resources to help you learn about home ownership xx
Improved!Investment management tools xx
Improved!Access to free MoneyCentral and MSN tools xx
Improved!Personalized financial insights xx
Improved!Synchronization of data in Money 2001 with MoneyCentral online tool xx
Improved!Tax-related expenditure tracking xx
 Capital gains estimator xx
 Lifetime Planner to help you prepare for financial events such as a home purchase, college, or retirement  xx
 Help determining your target asset allocation xx
 Advisor FYITM personal financial guidance xx
 "What if" scenarios for planning xx
 Tools to compare alternatives for financing major purchases xx
 Business Tools
 Automatic tax categorization for Schedule C income and expenses  x
 Receivable and payable tracking  x
 Custom invoice creation and design  x
 Customer and vendor list management  x
 Inventory management  x
 Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2000 Small Business Tools  x

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