Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2000 US Versions

The features of each US 2000 versions are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. System Requirements can be found at Article 159.

 Organize Your FinancesStandardDeluxeBusiness & Personal
 Electronic Checkbookxxx
 Pay Bills/Bill calendarxxx
 Monthly Reportxxx
 Budget Plannerxxx
 Debt Reduction Plannerxxx
New!Money Setup Assistantxxx
New!Enter transactions from your desktopxxx
New!Enter common transactions fasterxxx
New!Financial Centers (Investing, Planning, Tax, Car, & House)xxx
 Online Access to Finances
New!Manage investments and pay bills on the Webxxx
New!Enter transactions on the Webxxx
New!Get e-mail reminders of bills duexxx
 Download over 600 bank, card & brokerage statementsxxx
New!Streamlined online statement reconciliationxxx
 Pay and receive bills electronicallyxxx
 Managing Investments
New!Track investments with award-winning portfolio managerxxx
New!Get online quotes, research investments, and read financial news - now for free - through MSN MoneyCentralxxx
New!Access financial tools & content - now for free - through MSN MoneyCentral:Find more thanxxx
New!Position trackingxxx
New!Get a snapshot of portfolio performancexxx
New!Support for CD's, Bond, Mergers, Spin-Offs, and Transfers xx
New!Estimate Capital Gains xx
 Financial Planning
Improved!Plan for retirement, college, home buying, and life insurance xx
Improved!Create a complete financial plan xx
New!Create "what-if" scenarios xx
New!Find smart financing for major purchases xx
New!Analyze asset allocation xx
 Receive personal financial guidance xx
 Lookup current college costs xx
 Tax Planning
 Estimate annual taxesxxx
Improved!Find tax deductionsxxx
New!Year-end report for CPA, tax software, or filing by handxxx
 Export to any tax preparation software programxxx
 Business Finances
 Get automatic tax categorization for Schedule C  x
 Track receivables & payables  x
New!Create, design, & customize invoices  x
 Manage customers and vendors  x
 Create over 25 business reports and charts  x
New!Track products & services with inventory management  x
New!Track reimbursable expenses, mileage, & time  x
New!Owner's Transfer  x
 Works with Office 2000 Small Business Tools  x

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