Features/Differences in the Microsoft Money 2004 US Versions

The features of each US 2004 version are listed in the table below. This feature list is based on the marketing information from Microsoft. System Requirements can be found at Article 154.
Manage Your Personal FinancesStandardDeluxePremiumSmall Business
Balance your checkbookxxxx
Schedule & pay bills onlinexxxx
Download financial statements automaticallyxxxx
Balance accounts automaticallyxxxx
Budget, track spending and view monthly reportsxxxx
Convert from Quickenxxxx
Receive Advisor FYI financial guidancexxxx
Online services2 years3 years3 years 3 years
Unlimited product support1 year3 years3 years3 years
Complimentary financial services $170$365$485
Manage credit and debt xxx
Manage Your Investments
Track your investments xxx
Create a target asset allocation  xxx
Automatically calculate capital gains/losses xxx
Create capital gains scenarios xxx
Optimize investments  xx
Automated position, cost-basis, and gain/loss adjustments  xx
Take Control of Your Taxes
Find hidden deductions xxx
Estimate tax withholding xxx
Maximize tax-savings opportunities  xx
Schedule D gain/loss reporting  xx
Plan Your Financial Future
Long-term financial planning xxx
Retirement planning xxx
What-if scenarios xxx
Home purchase planning xxx
Manage Your Small Business Finances
Accurate online payroll from PayCycle   x
Create, customize and e-mail invoices    x
Customer and vendor management   x
Inventory tracking    x
Small Business Resource Center   x
Tax planning   x

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