Account security on the Pocket PC Home Page

When you install Money for the Pocket PC, by default, the accounts you have chosen to synchronize will all appear on the Pocket PC Start Page.

Some people do not like this, and want to remove these from the page, or reduce the number shown so that their details are not immediately obvious should someone look at the Start page of your Pocket PC device.

To remove these details from the page (but not from the device), Click on Start->Settings and select the "Today" option. Select the "Items" tab and note that there is a "Money" option. Either uncheck this to remove Money from the start page (it doesn't remove the software from your Pocket PC), or choose "Options".

Choosing "Options" allows you to check/uncheck the accounts you want to see or hide, and choose any investments you wish to display on the home page too.

If you don't have, or can't find the option for Money on the today page items, then you can hide the account by going to the account manager page on the Pocket PC and selecting the account. Go to options and uncheck the box to display the account on the Today Page. This needs to be done for each account that you wish to hide.

Thanks to Blckshp on the Microsoft Money US Newsgroup for additional information for this article

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