Changing the budget period or budget start date

It is not possible to change the length of a budget period, nor is it possible to change the start date of that budget in Money. With regards the start date, a budget period is always a month, so starting it on the 2nd, 10th, 15th or whatever date still makes the budget period the same length. Many people understandably want to choose their start date based on when they get paid, but in terms of a budget period, when transactions occur is not relevant. It is very relevant in cash flow though.

The fact that it starts at day 1 and ends on day 31 (30) shouldn't make it impossible to use though - if your budget is defined and you say want to spend £25 on the telephone and your spending is £25, then that entry in the budget balances. Getting paid is just another budget entry, so if that happens on the 1st, 15th, 28th or whatever date, it still occurs within the same budget period. You just start in your cash flow in negative territory.

With regards the budget period relating to the year, Microsoft Money will always use a 12 month period starting in January. Again, this cannot be changed.

It might be worth submitting a wish for this though, the more who do so might mean the more chance of Money developers making a change.

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