Activating Ultrasoft Money for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile

Once your 30 day trial period for Ultrasoft Money for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile is expired, you must activate the product if you want to continue using it.

An expired copy of Ultrasoft Money

On purchase, you'll receive an 12 alphanumeric digit activation code from Ultrasoft.

The first step is to click on Start->All Programs->Ultrasoft Money Mobile->Ultrasoft Money Settings. Then click on the 'About' tab.

An unregistered version of Ultrasoft Money Mobile

The registration serial number will be marked as '*** UNREGISTERED ***'. Click on the edit option, and you'll see the box below.

Entering registration information for Ultrasoft Money Mobile

Note that if you haven't purchased the software at this point, you can click on the link on this window to take you to the Ultrasoft website to allow you to do so.

You should enter your 12 alphanumeric digit code in now, and press the OK button.

A successful registration for Ultrasoft Money

A valid code will produce a message indicating the fact. The 'about' tab, as seen earlier, will now show the registration code.

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