What is the 'limits apply' flag for

If you right click on certain transactions in Microsoft Money UK versions, one of the options is 'Mark As'. Within that menu is an item which is labelled 'Limits Apply'. Usually this has a check mark next to it.

This item is related to limits in the Savings Centre (which is a UK only part of the program), and is used when certain values are specified as limits in the savings plans. If unchecked, then the transaction won't be included in those calculations.

An example of the menu option can be seen below:

Limits Apply flag in Microsoft Money UK versions

The rationale for having this is that in some savings plans, there is a limit to the amount of money you could invest. By having this flag, it allows you to override the automatic checks that Microsoft Money makes.

All new transactions have the limits apply flag turned on. If you edit a transaction, then the flag is also turned on, even if before it was turned off.

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