Importing into Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting (SBA)

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting (SBA) is an accounting tool for small businesses with up to 25 employees. It therefore is in a different market to the Microsoft Money Small Business version, as this is aimed at much smaller businesses.

You can import data into the Small Business Accounting product from QuickBooks. However, the product does not allow you to import from Microsoft Money.

You can import OFX files (see Article 235 for more details on OFX) into this product. Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting does not accept QIF files.

If you need to convert from Microsoft Money, then you may need to go via an intermediate step of QuickBooks. Microsoft have made it easy to upgrade their competitors, but not their own product.

Note that Office Accounting Express 2007 is the replacement software for Small Business Accounting. You can download this software for free from

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