Trial versions of the Microsoft Money software

The trial versions of Money will shortly be removed from the Microsoft downloads site. For convenience, these are referenced from the trial downloads page on this site, but when Microsoft Money is no longer sold, they will be removed.

The current version of Money, where trial versions exist, is Microsoft Money Plus for the US and 2007 for Japan. In other regions, for example, the UK, France and the International English, there are no trial versions available any more.

The trial download is free. You can use it for between 30 and 90 days, depending on the version provided for the region you have. In addition, there is usually an expiry date on the software, which is around 15 months after the release of the application. If you need to use a trial version where this expiry date has past, then you can use it by changing your PC date settings before use. This is also something you will need to do if you are upgrading a retail version via an intermediate trial version (for example, FAQ Article 294). Note that this probably doesn't work if you have tried the trial already.

The trial version is usually the 'deluxe' version. However, with the Money Plus release, Microsoft have provided a trial of the 'home and business' software too.

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