Runtime Error! in Microsoft Money 2004

If, when starting Microsoft Money 2004, it immediately crashes with a similar message to that below (possibly a C++ runtime error), then there are two things to try to try to get the program working again.

Runtime Error! Program C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\System\msmoney.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

First, you should try to reinstall the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components). You can get the latest version from the Microsoft site at;en-us;mdac.

If this does not fix the issue, then you should reinstall two files from your Windows XP installation. These are 'msxml3.dll' and 'rsaenh.dll'.To retrieve these, follow the following steps:
  • Go to msconfig (Click Start->Run and then type 'msconfig' in the box
  • Click on 'expand a file'
  • Then in the file to restore box, put in the first of the above named files.
  • The 'restore from' box should point to the 'i386' directory on your CD drive (ie, d:\i386 if the CD drive is on the D:\ drive)
  • Save the file to the system32 directory under the windows installation (typically C:\Windows\System32).
  • Then repeat with the second file
Once both are re-installed, restart Windows and start Microsoft Money again.

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