Why do Microsoft remove features in Microsoft Money

The reasons why Microsoft remove features are complex. Some of the potential reasons are below.
  1. Feature no longer used. How they determine this is unclear, but some features are not used by enough users and there is a tendency to stop supporting such features.
  2. Feature too expensive to support - if a feature is unclear on how it is to be used, then it might incur too many phone calls or online support queries to continue to provide
  3. Feature doesn't work properly, and it's easier to remove than to fix
  4. Feature is broken by an upgrade of another feature. This happens more than perhaps everyon e would like. The product is so interlinked, that a small change in one feature could have wide reaching changes in another
  5. Feature is out of date. A good example here is a promotional feature which Microsoft supports for a year
A list of the features that I know have been removed in various versions of Microsoft Money is on the removed items page.

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