OFX Patch for Microsoft Money 98

OFX support for bank statement downloading in Microsoft Money 98 didn't come with the product, and you will need a patch to use it (for more information on OFX, see Article 235). This patch will allow you to download OFX statements from banks and other financial institutions. Microsoft no longer provides or supports this patch as Microsoft Money 98 is no longer supported.

If you need the patch, then typically the error you will see when trying to use MS Money 98 without this component is "money 98 New Component Needed" and you'll be taken to a non-existent Microsoft page.

The patch you require is located on my patches page

You need to be running using an administrator account to run the Money 98 program, and this also applies to the installation of the patch.

When you start the OFX.EXE installation, you should get a window saying 'money 98 online service components are about to be updated. Continue with this now?'. Next a license agreement is displayed and then the patch will install.

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Keywords: 98, OFX