Setup was unable to install some of the components needed to run Money

If you see the error: "Setup was unable to install some of the components needed to run Money, try installing Money again" when trying to install Microsoft Money on a Windows XP machine, then this could be due to some incorrect permissions in the Windows registry.

To fix the problem, you should reset the security settings to the default values (you should only run this if you have no registry backup to use, otherwise that should be tried first).

It is not possible to undo the changes below, unless you restore from a backup. If you have doubts, then make a backup of your system including the 'System State' items.

To reset the registry perform the following tasks:
  • Click on 'Start', 'Run' and type in 'cmd' in the textbox
  • Press 'Enter' - this will bring up a command prompt box
  • Type in secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose
  • Press 'Enter'
  • You should see a message 'task is completed' when this is done, and a warning message on something that could not be done (ignore this message).
If you are using Windows XP Home, the 'secedit' command is not available, and you will need to copy them from a Windows XP Professional machine. You'll need two files:

%windir\system32\secedit.exe and %windir%\help\secedit.chm

Copy these over to your machine and put them in the same locations as you obtained them from, and then follow the instructions above.

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Keywords: registry, permissions, secedit