Overriding downloaded split information

Microsoft Money can download investment information from MSN money. However sometimes, investment split information is incorrect, and it is persistently downloaded with this incorrect value. This can be a right pain for fix because you may rely on the information to provide you with an accurate investment portfolio.

If you do find that incorrect information is being downloaded, especially if a split is being downloaded where one didn't exist, the best way to override it is to delete the incorrect split, and then create a new one. The new one should use the same date as the downloaded one, and make it a 1:1 split. If Money is downloading a split on the correct date, but it is the wrong value, then use the same technique, deleting the incorrect one, and then putting in the correct one on the same date.

Manual splits are not overridden by the downloaded ones, and this will stop MSN Money giving you bad information.

Category: Investment

Keywords: Split, Transaction, Account, Download, Stock