Opening a business version in a non-Business version

If you have used a business version of Microsoft Money, and subsequently open your file in a non-business version (e.g. Standard, Deluxe or Premium), Money will prompt you with a message as shown below.

This message will be displayed in a pop up window saying the file has been used in a version of Money for business owners. It can be cancelled by pressing OK, and permanently when pressing the 'Don't show me this again' option.

Obviously, if you open the file in a business version, the message doesn't appear.

This file has been used in a version of Money for business owners. 
    However, you are currently using a nonbusiness version of Money. If you open your file in this version of Money, you won't be able 
    to access all your information, such as account receivable. To use Money's business features, you need to install the Small
    Business version of Microsoft Money.

Receiving this message is not a problem. It is possible to view your Microsoft Money file in different versions (Premium, Deluxe), and the program should work correctly. The only part that you're not going to get is the business capability, but this should remain in the file.

When Money creates a business file, it puts information in the file and this information stays with the file in perpetuity. If you use the file in a non-business version, the message will appear.

The information in the file will survive subsequent upgrades too, and if you later revert back to a business version, you can (usually) recover the previous business data (although this cannot be guaranteed).

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