Money is already running message

The message: "Money is already running" is usually seen when one of two situations occur in running the Microsoft Money product.

Money is already running error message

If you have installed two versions of Microsoft Money and try to run both at the same time, you will see this message (see Article 32).

The more common cause is that you are trying to start Money when it hasn't finished working from a previous session. When you close Microsoft Money, it will perform some additional tasks, such as background banking updates and writing backups. These tasks must be allowed to finish before restarting Money.

If you see this message, then leave Money to finish performing it's task. You can see whether Money is still running by looking at the task list (hold down Ctrl & Shift, then press Esc) - it will show as a process running with name msmoney.exe, but not as an Application on the computer.

If you've left Money for a long time, then there has been some reports of a correlation of this and using USB drives as backups, where the USB drive is removed or not removed after the backup. You may also need the following steps (see the article referenced below for much more information).
  1. Check "Automatically backup my Money file every time I close Money"
  2. Check "Ask me before backing up"
  3. Uncheck "Perform scheduled backups every...days"
In addition, try a repair on the Microsoft Money file, just in case this is the issue (Article 22).

A work-through of the problem was posted to the newsgroup by Larry Afrin. This work-through can be seen at

Thanks to Larry Afrin for the workthrough of this issue

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