Saving income in expense categories and vice versa

It is perfectly acceptable, in Microsoft Money, to store credits in expense categories, and debits in income categories. This scenario could come about because you purchase an item on someone else's behalf, and they repay you.

In this scenario, you may wish your accounts to reflect the purchase and credit, but leave any associated category with a zero total balance.

When you try to enter a transaction which uses the wrong type of category, Money will warn you with the message below, unless you turn it off.

Save this deposit that is categorized as an expense

This allows you to check you have chosen the correct category and whether the amount is in the correct column (debit or credit columns).

If you choose the option to no longer warn you about category types, then you will no longer see the message if you have a deposit in an expense category or vice versa. If you need to turn this back on later, then you'll need to change one of the program settings (This is in tools->options or tools->settings, and then the categories option).

MS Money option to require the correct type of category for each category

The option you need to select is the second one above, 'require the correct type of category for each transaction (expense categories can only apply to expenses)'.

Category: Budget

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