Transfers into and out of budget

In the budget, you may see two lines displayed:
  1. Transfer into Budget account
  2. Transfer out of budget account
These are lines which show you that you have a transfer transaction (usually in the bills and deposits area) between two accounts. One of these accounts is in the budget, the other isn't. In the case of the 'transfer into budget', the source account is not included in the budget, and vice versa for the 'transfer out of budget' line.

An illustration of how a transfer out of the budget looks, is shown in the budget summary image below.

Transfers out of budget accounts - displayed on Microsoft Money budget summary page

The line in the budget will reflect the direction of the transfer. These lines are summations of all of the transfers into or out of the budget.

If a transfer to/from an account is not seen in the budget, then see Article 15.

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