Microsoft Money Processes and Executables

Microsoft Money uses a number of processes which run on Windows to perform certain tasks within the program. Many are listed below. Some are for particular versions of Money - only a few will be used in a individual version. For example, the UrlMap.exe program was for Moneyside/Money Viewer, which is now an obsolete feature .

Microsoft Money Programs

Normally, of the programs listed in this section, only the Microsoft Money program will be running. The others are launched when you perform certain actions - i.e. download a statement or run a repair on the file.

ExecutableItem DescriptionComments
mnyimprt.exeMicrosoft Money Import HandlerThis is the program which handles OFX, QIF and OFC import files (Article 235)
msmoney.exeMicrosoft MoneyIf this process is running, it means you are running the Microsoft Money program
salv.exeMoney File Repair Tool The 'repair' tool for Microsoft Money - Article 328
sanitize.exeMoney File Repair ToolMicrosoft Money 2007 only. Removes personally identifiable information.

Microsoft Money Background Banking

ExecutableItem DescriptionComments
mnybb.exeMicrosoft Money Background BankingMoney 2005 and later
mnybbsvc.exeMicrosoft Money Background Banking ServiceMoney 2005 and later
mnyschdl.exeMoney Task SchedulerMoney 2003 and 2004
mis.exeMoney Information Server COM ServerMoney 2002 to 2004
misuser.exeMoney Information Server User Broker COM serverMoney 2003 and 2004

Anything which is scheduled in Money, for example Scheduled Payments and the bill reminder are handled by the mnyschdl.exe program. Mis.exe handles passport related features in Money. If you're using Microsoft Passport with Money, this will start when you start Microsoft Money.

MoneySide or Money Viewer

Moneyside (or the 'Money Viewer' in UK versions) is the 'helper' application for Money 2002 and 2003 which adds in a toolbar to Internet Explorer, to allow you to have your financial details at hand when browsing the internet. To remove it, see Article 380.

ExecutableItem DescriptionComments
urlmap.exeMoney URL MapMoney 2002 and 2003

Money Express Processes

The Money Express process is in the various versions of Money, up to Microsoft Money 2004 (Article 77). Money Express was the program which ran in the task bar and provided quick access to the program, or reminders of upcoming bills

The program used a number of different executable names: "Money Express.exe", "mnyagent.exe", "mnyexpr.exe" and "reminder.exe"

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