Home Inventory in Money 2005

There have been some claims that the Home Inventory was removed in Microsoft Money 2005. This is incorrect in most cases. It is harder to find, but you can get to it if you're using many of the 2005 versions.

To get to it, try the following:
  • Go to the Microsoft Money Home Page
  • Customize it, and add the 'Home Inventory' content module
  • On the home page will appear a new panel. This panel also contains the 'important records organizer' and some other help items for the inventory
Alternatively, press the 'Shortcuts' option on the toolbar and add it onto there.

The home inventory panel on the home page in Money will look like the one below:

Home Inventory Module on Microsoft Money home page

Another way I have found (unchecked on International Versions), is to start Money, and then paste money://processstart/HomeInventory into a browser or the browse box in Money. This also brings up the inventory.

The module provides up to six options:
  1. Start tracking my home inventory
  2. Go to my home inventory
  3. Go to my home inventory images
  4. How do I start my home inventory?
  5. Where do I store my home inventory pictures
  6. Organize important records
Note that it still isn't possible to import into the home inventory. This feature of the product hasn't been developed in a number of years.

I could not find this feature on the Money 2005 International version.

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