There is no disk in drive D: message

In certain circumstances, when you use Microsoft Money, you find that every time you start the program, or perform certain tasks, Money gives you an error such as 'there is no disk in drive d:' - the drive letter being the original install directory of the program.

You can cancel this message, but then it comes back again later. If you put in a disk into the CD Drive (doesn't have to be the Microsoft Money disk), it doesn't appear.

This message is harmless, but annoying. It is usually caused by the Microsoft Money disk not being in the drive, and audio help turned on in the product.

You might have accidently clicked the button for audio help (in the top right corner of the money screen, a speaker symbol) - the program tries to load this from the cdrom. You can disable it by clicking on the icon which turns off the audio help.

If you want the audio help, and it is installed on your hard drive, you can edit the registry to fix it. Don't do this if you are not comfortable with editing it.

In the registry, the relevant key is HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Money\version. There will be a key named "AVHelpPath" with content similar of "D:\MONEY\avhelp". The AVHelpPath refers to your CD drive. You can change the reference to refer to your hard drive rather than your CD drive, and the specific directory where the audio help is. This directory is usually somewhere within the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money" directory, but it does depend on where Money is installed.

Thanks to Cal Learner, MVP for the additional information on the location of the Audio Help.

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