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Release Date:2002

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Microsoft® Money 2003 Standard Canadian Edition provides a quick and easy way to organize and manage your personal finances. Create a budget, reduce debt, balance your checkbook, pay bills and manage your home finances. Personal finance made simple.
  • Save time organizing & managing your finances.Balance your checkbook, pay bills, bank online, create a budget, reduce your debt, manage investments, plan for the future, simplify taxes, and organize your finances-all in one place-while receiving personalized financial guidance.
  • Create a budget you can live with. Simplify the process of creating and tracking your budget. Spending Thermometers show you how much you''ve spent in any budget category.
  • Get out of debt. Use Money''s Debt Reduction Planner to help you become debt-free! Experiment with different payment scenarios to see how they affect your debt reduction schedule.
  • Compare your spending habits. Money''s new comparison reports reveal changes in your spending by putting information from two different time periods side-by-side. Analyze your spending against the previous year, previous month or a custom date range you select.
  • Bank online with ease. The Login Wizard and Online Services Manager make set up and maintaining your online banking easy. As you work in other programs, Background Banking will keep your financial information up to date. The new Auto Balancing feature compares your Money data to your bank''s records and automatically balances your accounts.
  • Take control of your bills. The Bills Outbox and Batch Bill Pay let you enter an entire stack of electronic bills offline and then send them when you connect to the internet. The new Bill Estimator helps you better prepare for bills that fluctuate by using previous instances to calculate your upcoming estimated payments.
  • Make smart financial decisions on the Web. While you''re shopping, banking, or investing on the Web, use the revolutionary MoneySide for relevant data from Money. It gives you instant access to your financial information so you can stay informed, make smarter decisions, and spend wisely.
  • Get anytime, anywhere access. Synchronize with MSNTM Money to access your Money data on the Web while you''re away from home. Or, use Money for Pocket PC, and your Money data travels with you.
  • See where your money goes. Choose from standard financial reports or create your own to get a clear picture of your income and expenses, cash flow, category spending, budget, and more.

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