I have Quicken and want to convert my file to Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money usually comes out in its cycle just before Intuit Quicken does, and so a version of Microsoft Money with the same "number" as that of Quicken usually will not import.

Always think one version ahead, so, for example, Money 2003 can convert Quicken 2002 files, but Money 2002 cannot. Another example would be that Quicken 2004 files can only be converted by Money 2005 (or later).

Microsoft usually state clearly what is converted, so in the case of Money 2006, they say "Money 2006 includes a Converter Wizard for Quicken that allows you to open files created with Quicken US versions 3–7 and Quicken 1998–2005."

If you have a data file that is eligible for conversion, then the actual process is simple. You just need to use the File->Convert Quicken File option on the menu bar to do so.

Microsoft do not release converters later on, so you would need to get the next version of Money to convert from a product with the same version number. If you can't wait, then you might need to consider using QIF export/import - see Article 28 to import your file.

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