Product Support Lifecycle for Microsoft Money

Microsoft (and most other software manufacturers) don't support products indefinitely. Fortunately, they publish the schedule of what they will support on their website. However, even if you have an older MSMoney product, then don't dispair - people frequenting the newsgroups may have seen the problem you have in the past or have some ideas on what to do. They can and do help, however it is voluntary, so you might not always get the support you want. In addition, websites such as this one are here to help you.

The full lifecycle for Personal or Home Finance solutions can be found a The parts related to Microsoft Money have been extracted from the page and are shown below.

Product NameGeneral Availability DateMainstream Support Retired
Microsoft Money 2.0 Standard EditionNot AvailableEnded
Microsoft Money 3.0 Standard EditionNot AvailableEnded
Microsoft Money 4.0 Standard Edition16-Aug-199530-Sep-2002
Microsoft Money 98 Standard Edition25-Sep-199730-Sep-2002
Microsoft Money 99 Standard Edition29-Jul-199830-Sep-2002
Money 2000
Microsoft Money 2000 Deluxe Edition4-Oct-199931-Jan-2003
Microsoft Money 2000 Standard Edition4-Aug-199931-Jan-2003
Money 2001
Microsoft Money 2001 Deluxe and Business Edition11-Oct-200031-Dec-2003
Microsoft Money 2001 Standard Edition26-Jul-200030-Sep-2003
Money 2002
Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe and Business Edition16-Aug-200130-Sep-2004
Microsoft Money 2002 Deluxe Edition1-Aug-200130-Sep-2004
Microsoft Money 2002 Standard Edition1-Aug-200130-Sep-2004
Microsoft Money 2002 Suite1-Aug-200130-Sep-2004
Money 2003
Microsoft Money 2003 Deluxe and Business Edition10-Oct-200231-Dec-2005
Microsoft Money 2003 Standard Edition10-Oct-200231-Dec-2005
Microsoft Money 2003 Suite10-Oct-200231-Dec-2005
Money 2004
Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe17-Sep-200310-Oct-2006 (Extended from 30-Sep-2006)
Microsoft Money 2004 Premium17-Sep-200310-Oct-2006 (Extended from 30-Sep-2006)
Microsoft Money 2004 Small Business17-Sep-200310-Oct-2006 (Extended from 30-Sep-2006)
Microsoft Money 2004 Standard17-Sep-200310-Oct-2006 (Extended from 30-Sep-2006)
Money 2005
Microsoft Money 2005 Deluxe31-Dec-200408-Jan-2008 (Extended from 31-Dec-2007)
Microsoft Money 2005 Small Business31-Dec-200408-Jan-2008 (Extended from 31-Dec-2007)
Microsoft Money 2005 Premium31-Dec-20048-Jan-2008 (Extended from 31-Dec-2007)
Microsoft Money 2005 Standard31-Dec-200408-Jan-2008 (Extended from 31-Dec-2007)
Money 2006
Microsoft Money 2006 Deluxe01-Jul-200514-Oct-2008 (Extended from 31-Sep-2008)
Microsoft Money 2006 Small Business01-Jul-200514-Oct-2008 (Extended from 31-Sep-2008)
Microsoft Money 2006 Premium01-Jul-200514-Oct-2008 (Extended from 31-Sep-2008)
Microsoft Money 2006 Standard01-Jul-200514-Oct-2008 (Extended from 31-Sep-2008)
Money 2007
Microsoft Money 2007 Deluxe14-Sep-200613-Oct-2009
Microsoft Money 2007 Home and Business14-Sep-200613-Oct-2009
Microsoft Money 2007 Premium14-Sep-200613-Oct-2009
Microsoft Money Essentials05-Oct-200613-Oct-2009
Money Plus
Money Plus Deluxe29-Nov-200712-Oct-2010
Money Plus Home and Business29-Nov-200712-Oct-2010
Money Plus Premium29-Nov-200712-Oct-2010
Money Plus Essentials8-Nov-200712-Oct-2010
Taxsaver 99 Standard Edition25-Nov-199831-Mar-2003
Taxsaver Federal24-Nov-199931-Mar-2003
Taxsaver Federal Deluxe24-Nov-199931-Mar-2003

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