Microsoft Money System Pack

For Microsoft Money versions 2002, 2003 and 2004, the installation for Money was performed in two parts. There was the main Money installation, and also something called the 'system pack' (which was actually installed first). It is an essential part of the program. In 2005 versions and later, the development team have worked out how to get the program showing just once in add/remove programs ;-)

If you look at the CD distribution of Microsoft Money, there are two MSI files (windows installer packages) - one named SysPack.msi and another called money.msi - i.e. the program has been written to have two installation parts.

When installing the versions of Microsoft Money listed above, both parts have to be present for the software to work (in fact, Money shouldn't install without the system pack, and the main installation from the CD will do it for you).

If you need to remove the complete microsoft money program, or reinstall it from scratch, then you'll need to remove the Money program first, and then the Money system pack.

Illustration of Microsoft Money system pack in add and remove programs

If you have Money 2005 or later, then you don't need to have any MS Money System Packs on your system. If you find one, and have upgraded from an earlier version, then you should be able to safely remove the it with no ill effect.

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