Using Long Investment Fund Names in MSMoney UK

Some investment funds (when looked up on MSN Money) have long symbols, such as GB000930129 or GB000174488. They may have short symbols too (in the above case they are 093012 and 017448), but these don't always work, and more importantly cannot be guaranteed to be unique.

If you are using Microsoft Money 2002 UK or later, then it is recommended, if given the choice, you use the long investment symbol wherever possible. 2002 UK users will need to download patch to be able to use these long investment fund symbols.When you retrieve the above patch for Money 2002, the file you will find in the Zip file is named 'inv9.ocx' (version 9.2001.0221.1, dated 19th Sept 2002) and this should be installed into the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Investor directory (replacing the existing file - version 9.2001.0213.1, dated 25th July 2001). Microsoft Money should not be running at the time you do this.

If you are using Microsoft Money 2001, 2000 or earlier versions, you cannot use the long symbols, and must use the short ones, or upgrade to a later version of Microsoft Money.

The symbols are sometimes called SEDOL numbers.

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