Turning on logging of Online Banking Calls (ProvLogs/NoLogs)

For troubleshooting purposes, you may need to turn on logging for your online banking communications within Microsoft Money. This can be achieved by using the 'provlogs.reg' registry file.

To enable the logging, you simply need to double click the file (see below to obtain it), and allow the changes to be made to your registry when prompted.

If you enable the logging, then you will find that two files are created within the same directory that your Money file is in (or sometimes the Microsoft Money installation directory), containing logging information about the online banking call. These files will have names RQ.txt and RS.txt

To turn off the logging, there is a similar file 'nologs.reg' which needs to be applied. It is advisable, for security as well as performance reasons, to turn the logging off when you are not using it. To use this file, double click it in the same way as you do with the provlogs file, and when the warning is displayed to insert the information in the registry, click the button to allow it.

'Provlogs' is used for Microsoft Money 2003 and later versions. The files to enable the registry changes, are downloadable through the patches page.

Note that in Microsoft Money 2006 and later, it is necessary to reapply the registry file each time when starting Money, or when opening a new file, as these versions removes the logging when you exit the program. You don't need to use the 'nologs' registry file for these versions.

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