Using multiple currencies on a Pocket PC

This is a frequently asked request, but it is currently not possible. Money for the Pocket PC is very limited in what it can do and it doesn't allow multiple currencies.

The Money for the Pocket PC software on my handheld shows £ signs in the investments part (this is the 2005 version, I am pretty sure pre-2005 showed dollar ($) signs only), but that's the only part of the program that I can find which actually displays a currency symbol. Money for the Pocket PC will only allow you to select accounts in the BASE currency to be synchronized (Article 337).

There are some other programs which might allow you to work with multiple currencies on a Pocket PC. I've tried none of these, but they are listed in Article 473.

Because Microsoft don't seem to be producing this software, a wish (Article 10)) may not help, although you could put one in. The PocketPC client historically has not had much development done on it.

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