Unable to sign into Windows Live with Windows 98 or ME

There is an issue with users unable to sign in with a Windows Live ID (aka Passport) on a Windows 98 ME system. This prevents access to the Deluxe Portfolio on MSN Money and can also affect Money 2006 or older files which use Passport.

This error is caused by a certificate problem and can be resolved by installing a new security certificate from the Microsoft site. I'll not host it here, so that you can be confident the certificate is coming from a Microsoft site, but you can find the certificate at this location.

On clicking on the above link, open the file, and then select 'Install Certificate'. This should allow you access.

The certificate is valid from 21 April 2006 until 20 April 2009.

Alternatively, you could upgrade to a newer version of windows (such as Windows Vista) or remove the Passport from the Money file (if the problem is being manifested there). However, to do the latter, you'll need to take the file to another machine which is running Windows XP, and you will lose functionality that requires Passport.

Category: Online

Keywords: MSN Money, Security, Certificate, 98, ME, Portfolio