What are the features of the UK Microsoft Money 2001 Versions

The features of each version of Microsoft Money 2001 (UK Version) are summarised in the table below. This corresponds to what is on the physical packaging. The major differences include the financial planning wizards and the taxes information, but see below for the full list. System Requirements can be found at Article 157.

Fast, Easy Banking FeaturesStandardFinancial SuitePersonal and Business
Create an electronic chequebookxxx
Schedule bills and depositsxxx
Receive monthly reports of your financesxxx
Budget and track your spendingxxx
Use the Internet to update your accounts quickly
Download bank statements directly into Money (1)xxx
Update UK and international investment pricesxxx
Investing, Saving and Financial Planning
Track investment performancexxx
Integrates with MSN MoneyCentralxxx
Set alerts on the values of your accounts and investmentsxxx
Calculate capital gainsxxx
Track and forecast growth for ISAs and other savings accountsxxx
Track and total the value of your household contentsxxx
Plan to pay off your debts more quickly with the Debt Plannerxxx
Specify and work towards your financial priorities xxx
Receive information and feedback from the Expert Assistant xxx
Forecast cashflow xxx
Enhanced investing tools xx
Create an integrated long-term financial plan, including: xx
- Retirement Planning xx
- Home buying xx
- Education fees xx
Create a will (2) xx
Automatically track the Air Miles you have earned xx
Create "what-if" scenarios xx
Business Tools
Track customers and suppliers  x
Record details of products and services  x
Create and customise invoices, quotations and credit notes  x
Receive supplier invoices and credit notes  x
Record payments made and payments received  x
Enter adjustments into the nominal ledger  x
Produce detailed and summary VAT reports  x
Financial year end close off  x
Produce profit and loss accounts and balance sheets  x
Details and summary trial balances  x

(1) - Check your bank for service details and level of support for the Microsoft Money range of products.

(2) - Will Worksheet suitable for England and Wales only.

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