Online Banking or SMC12029 Error (Communications Error)

This error may also be seen as:

An Internet Communications Error has occurred. (SMC12029) - [Bank_Name]. The call timed out because the Internet, banking or brokerage server you were trying to contact did not respond in a reasonable amount of time. Please try your call again later. (OFX12002)

The 12029 message indicates that Money cannot connect to the remote host (bank).

If you''re trying to connect to a site, this usually indicates that the connection is blocked in some way - perhaps a firewall (either on your machine or the ISP). Alternatively it could be a problem with the secure connection to the bank. In some instances, the financial insitution servers are the problem, so this could be a first step in trying to fix the issue.

Microsoft used to have a knowledgebase article on this problem, but it has been withdrawn (it was KB article 248757).

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