OFX statement downloads disappear

When you download an OFX statement (Article 453) from the bank or financial institution, it appears to download without any problems. However, when you start Microsoft Money, nothing happens. The downloaded statement does not import and nothing appears to have happened.

This is often an issue due to Internet Explorer, but could mean there is a problem with the import, or the statement is going into the wrong account.

First, check whether you can see the downloaded statement in another account (if it's a hidden, closed account, you won't necessarily notice it and may need to open these up). If it's not in the correct account, but is visible, then take a look at Article 53 to try and get the statement importing into the correct account.

If that doesn't help, then also try the following:
  1. Go to control panel->internet options
  2. Temporary Internet files->delete files->delete all offline content
  3. Temporary Internet files->settings->reduce the cache size to a smaller figure, say 10-20MB
  4. In addition, it is worth changing (if set): Advanced->do not save encrypted pages to disk.
  5. Try the OFX statement download again
The above procedure seems to force Internet Explorer to handle the downloaded file.

Note that when you download the statement again, you may need to check that you specify the date range you want. Some banks will download transactions since the last download, so you need to choose dates to ensure you get the transactions in the 'missing' statement again.

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