Reporting Microsoft Money problems through Microsoft Support

If you need to contact Microsoft regarding a problem with Microsoft Money, and can't find the solution elsewhere, then the steps to follow are listed below:
  1. Go to
  2. Select "Select a Product Solution Center"
  3. This takes you to
  4. Scroll down and Select "Microsoft Money"
  5. This takes you to
  6. At the bottom of this Money support centre there is a "Need More Help?" - "Contact a Support Professional by E-Mail, Online or Phone"
  7. Select the product that you require support for
  8. Follow through the wizard here.
Depending on your version and country, there may be unlimited or a number of free support calls. The exact details will be noted on the support page, along with the phone numbers for phone support and the email support information. Additional calls can be made at a charge.

To report an issue for UK MSN Money, see Article 322

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