Synchronizing Money for the Pocket PC in Windows Vista

If you are running Windows Vista, a version of Microsoft Money prior to Money 2007, and have a Windows Mobile device running Money for the Pocket PC, then the way that you access the settings for the device has changed with Vista.

If you are quickly wanting to work out how to change which accounts you synchronize, or how much data is put onto your device, then you will need to run up the Synchronization Center. This can be found by pressing the Windows Icon in the lower left of the screen, and choosing it off the start menu. Alternatively, clicking on Control Panel and then 'Hardware and Sound'. Scroll the window down until you see 'Windows Mobile Device Center'.

Hover over 'Mobile Device Settings', and you will see options similar to those in the image below.

Windows Vista Mobile Device Center

Click on the option to 'change content sync settings'. In the image below, Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC is shown.

Windows Vista Mobile Device Center - Changing content synchronization settings

Clicking on the 'sync settings' option under the Microsoft Money option brings up a more familiar window with the details of the synchronization of your data to your mobile device, as seen below.

Windows Vista Mobile Device Center - Specific synchronization settings

All other aspects of the Money for Pocket PC software should be unchanged.

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