Standing orders in converted Microsoft Money UK files

In Microsoft Money 2001 and previous versions, the Bills and Deposits set up allowed you to specify a payment type as 'Standing Order'. In Microsoft Money 2002, it was decided that there was some redundancy here, and a new payment type of 'Direct Debit\Standing Order' was created.

Within the program itself, these two types were handled the same.

Converting a file from before Microsoft Money 2002 into that version or later, the payment method 'Direct Debit' is renamed correctly. Standing orders were not renamed. So, you should check your bills and deposits and manually rename the standing orders to this new type. To do this
  1. Go to bills and deposits
  2. Choose a bill which is defined as a 'standing order'. If you can't see from the bills and deposits screen which are, you can select 'customise view' and add the 'payment method' to the view.
  3. Edit the bill by choosing Edit->Edit Bill Series
  4. Change the payment method to 'Direct Debit\Standing Order'
If you don't rename them, there is no ill effect, but you won't be able to create any new bills with this old payment method.

A walk through of creating bills and deposits can be found in Article 286.

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