When I upgrade my version of Money, Money tells me it is an incompatible version

If you're running Microsoft Money 2005, see the last paragraph in this FAQ.

The message you see - "Money cannot open this file because it was created by an incompatible version" normally means that you are trying to open, for example, a money file which was previous created in a different language version of Microsoft Money. This could be you are trying to open, for example, a French version of Microsoft Money in a UK one or an Australian version (international version) in the US version.

Microsoft Money does not allow you to use a Money file between two different country versions. See the Article 28 (Import and Export) article for information on how to export your accounts and then import them into the other country version.

You must upgrade from the same country version, for example, UK to UK or US to US. The only exception is for versions of Microsoft Money before Money 2000 - sometimes these will open in other countries products.

Note also that there are no Microsoft Money 2006 versions except for the US, Canada and Japan, so if you have a trial version of this, and are not upgrading from one of these versions, then you will definitely see this error.

If you're running Microsoft Money 2005, and you're not upgrading between different country versions, then take a look at Article 42 which is regarding 2005 versions and the major update that that had in November 2004, as this can cause similar issues.

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