What is the difference between the UK versions

There were formerly two UK versions, the Standard and Deluxe (also known as 'Financial Suite') versions. TaxSaver is the only difference, certainly in 2004 and 2005. In 2003, the products were the same, although the features pages seemed to indicate that there was a "FT YourMoney" link also - so, nothing too much to get excited about.

Version 2002 and before had substantial differences, mainly in investing tools, the lifetime planner, will maker, air miles (frequent flyer miles) and some of the worksheets.

The 2002 onwards products are listed in the UK Product Tracker with product features, details and lots of pertinent information.

Summaries of many of the versions of Money can be found on the features pages.

Note that the only UK version which is now sold is the Standard version, as the TaxSaver software in the Financial Suite edition of 2005 is out of date, as it was for the Tax Year 2004/5.

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