What are the versions numbers of Microsoft Money

The version number of Microsoft Money can be seen by going to the menu bar and selecting Help->About Microsoft Money. In the resulting window, you'll see the version number near the copyright statement.

The first number refers to the major version - for 2006 = version 15, 2005 = version 14, 2004 = version 12, 2003 = version 11 etc. (There is no version 13 for the boxed product of Microsoft Money). Product numbers are also referred to in converted files (see Article 80).

The third number references the SKU of the product, 80 = standard, 120 = deluxe etc (see below). Not all builds of Microsoft Money use this, and when they don't, 0 (zero) is used in it's place.

The fourth number is a build date, so 1105 = 5th November (you may see the first two digits as over 12, this is used when the build goes into the following year, so 13 = January).

Microsoft Money 2008

Microsoft Money US 2008 (Money Plus) Versions have a version number 17.0.xx.727, where xx refers to the actual product.

Microsoft Money 2007

Microsoft Money US 2007 Versions typically have a version number 16.0.xx.621, where xx refers to the actual product.

If you have SP2, then this will be 16.0.xx.1303

Microsoft Money 2006

Microsoft Money US 2006 Versions typically have a version number 15.0.xx.513, where xx refers to the actual product.

Microsoft Money 2005

Money 2005 US Versions

Small Business:
Trial version:

The above are the numbers WITH the big patch released during November 2004 (See Article 269).If you do not have the patch, the version number most likely will be 14.0.xx.730

UK 2005 & International

The UK and international products have the deluxe build as above ( I am not completely sure about the versions which come with Works, but they could be

Earlier versions of Money

For reference, Microsoft Money 2004 was version, Microsoft Money 2003 had a version number of and Microsoft Money 2002 had

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