What are the SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for Microsoft Money

SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) are Microsoft references for their products. Each Money version will have at least one SKU, which is normally printed on the packing materials that the product comes with. Some versions will have more than one SKU - this can happen if the packaging is different (e.g. a DVD sized box or a larger one). Also, if the licensing terms differ (for example some products are NFR (not for resale), others will have volume licensing). If the product is not eligible for a rebate, then this may have another SKU also.

To determine the SKU, see Article 226.

As I discover SKU's for Microsoft Money products, I try to add them to the UK, Canadian and US version pages. If you know a SKU which isn't listed, let me know and i'll add it. Pre-2002 SKUs are listed in Article 130.

The French SKU's are listed in Article 144. Some of the international SKU's are listed in Article 5.

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