The FSA and Money (UK Users Only)

Financial Advisers must be Authorised by the FSA to give financial advice

Only authorised financial advisers can give advice on certain types of investment, such as personal pensions, life insurance, shares and pooled investments like unit trusts, investment trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs).

Microsoft Money is NOT a Financial Adviser

Although Microsoft Money sometimes suggests that you could be getting a better return on your money elsewhere, it doesn't suggest companies or investments for your money. It does however, carry advertising for some firms through MSN Money.

You should never see any 'advice' within Microsoft Money on how to invest your Money or where to get a mortgage etc, only general financial information. This will include mortgages, loan consolidation, equity release and any other financial schemes. With all of these, you should contact appropriate professionals and check they are authorised.

The Microsoft disclaimer is in the lifetime planner:
The information presented in Microsoft Money is based on sound financial principles, but it should not be construed as financial advice of an endorsement of any specific financial strategy. Microsoft recommends that you consult a financial adviser that is tailored to your individual circumstances.

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