Support Information for Microsoft (MS) Money Finance Software

Support for Microsoft Money can be obtained online or on the telephone directly from your OEM supplier or Microsoft. However, before approaching the OEM or Microsoft, you may wish to look to this website to see whether your problem or question has been asked before. In addition to this website, there are some useful sources of information listed below.

Please do not mail me directly for support or help or a whinge about the product, as I will ignore your request, no matter how urgent you say it is. I don't have enough time to both provide this site, help on the newsgroups and answer personal email. I prefer to answer questions in the newsgroups so that other people get the benefit of my help, and others can answer the questions too. I have maintained this policy for many years.

Occasionally I may ask you to email me in response to a newsgroup item (either if financial information needs to be shared or you are performing an upgrade from certain versions of Intuit Quicken), or if you're wanting either to add something to an article, or suggest a new one.

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