Where can I download the Money for PocketPC software

If you are looking for software for your PDA, and you have a Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device, then Microsoft software for this is available on the Pocket PC downloads page. Money for the Pocket PC software was first made available in 2001. Correspondingly, the earliest version of MSMoney it is available for is Microsoft Money 2001. The referenced page also contains links to system requirements for the software.

Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC is a free download. The client is limited in what it can do - don't expect the full features of Microsoft Money on the desktop for this product.

It is important to match the software to the Microsoft Money version. Money for the Pocket PC 2005 will not work with MS Money 2006, for instance. In addition, if you use a Pocket PC 2003, the earliest supported version of Money you can use is Money 2004. However, there is a workaround for Money 2003 - see Article 243.

Money for the Pocket PC 2005 does not work on Pocket PC 2003 Professional (see Article 304) and also it doesn't on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices (see Article 219 for some information on this). If you have Money 2007, then look at Article 415 for information on that version.

Microsoft Money for the Pocket PC does not work on all PDA's. If you have a palm device, then you may need to look at other software, such as Ultrasoft Money (Article 84). Third party software for Pocket PC's and Windows Mobile devices can be found at Article 473.

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