Using the same Microsoft Money file on two or more computers

It is possible to use Microsoft Money on two or more computers, although one or two commments should be made.

First, you could share the file over a network - it will work, but you'll need a quick network and be very careful that more than one person isn't using the file simultaneously (this includes Pocket PC clients, automatic updates etc). If you have a slower network, then Money will run very slowly, and will probably be unusable (see also Article 67).

A better solution, and one which can work if you can't network the machines, is to use a USB drive or some sort of removable hard disk to hold the MS Money file. Make sure the drive is in the machine when you start Microsoft Money and don't remove it until after you've finished using Money, and are sure that your Money file is written to the disk (i.e. when there is no more activity on the device). You could also use this USB or portable drive to make sure you have a good backup of the Money file (see also Article 199).

The best solution is to use some sort of remote desktop or remote access software. Using this will allow you to use the other computer directly, and there is no sharing of the Money file over the network, nor is there any need to put copies of the file onto a USB stick, which could, potentially be lost.

Category: FileManagement

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