Money Express in Microsoft Money 2005 and later

In Microsoft Money 2004 and earlier versions, there was a feature called 'Money Express'. This was a program which ran in the system tray and alerted you once a day to bills that needed paying, and to allow quick access to your Microsoft Money file. You can see the icon and the menu that Money Express displayed below.

Money Express showing available options in Microsoft Money 2004 and earlier

On opening the events list in Money Express, you'd see a window such as the one below.

Money Express Events List Window in Microsoft Money 2004 and earlier

It is the closest equivalent of the Billminder in Intuit Quicken, but was removed in Microsoft Money 2005. Although it is unclear as to why Microsoft decide to remove things, there have been a number of problems with Money Express in the past. This included not informing you of bills to be paid. So, this may be a reason why it was taken out.

Money Express is not in Microsoft Money 2006 or 2007. Money Plus reintroduced a system tray program, this is known as 'Insights'. Information on the functionality in this can be found in Article 523.

Other features removed in Microsoft Money over the versions can be found here.

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