How do I turn on the split/dual category list in MS Money 2005

In Microsoft Money 2005, you may notice that categories just use a single dropdown list for the categories. This was a change in Microsoft Money 2005 which was disliked by a lot of people. A description of what this control is for is explained in Article 434.

In previous versions of Money, two dropdown lists were available, one for the category and another for the subcategory. Money 2005 forced the use of just one.

This article from a member of the MSN Money team may give some clues as to why it was initially removed.

If you're not bothered about getting it back, but want a mechanism to fill in this category data quickly, you can type in the first few letters of the category until a match is made, then press ':' - this expands the category to it's full name using the match data. Next press in the first few letters of the subcategory until that is automatically expanded.

In the case of Microsoft Money 2005, however, Microsoft relented (see Russ's responses: 17th Nov 2004, 29th Nov 2004 and 30th Nov 2004), and gave us back the dual category list. If you have a version of Money 2005 (Help->About) ending with the number 1105 (the QFE #2 release), a registry fix is available to allow you to regain the functionality of previous versions. You can get it from this site on the patches page

More items fixed in this patch can be found at Article 269. Microsoft Money 2006 does not have this problem, as the split/dual category list is reinstated.

Category: Budget

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