Enabling and using VAT or GST

Most versions of UK Microsoft Money will support VAT in a simple way. To enable VAT or GST in Money, you need to do it in three locations.
  1. For the program itself. This is in tools->options or tools->settings, and then the categories option

    enabling VAT or GST for the money file
  2. For the account(s) that you want to track the VAT or GST on (look at the account settings)

    enabling VAT or GST for the account
  3. Finally, you need to enter VAT or GST rates for the categories you wish to track it on (in the Categories section).

    putting a VAT or GST rate in a particular category
If you're running an international version, be warned - I've tried this on an international 2004 version (with both New Zealand and Australian settings), and the option to enable VAT or GST it is not available. However, I also ran the 2005 international version that I had and did find the options, so it looks like they could be in the later version.

Category: Tax

Keywords: GST, VAT