Microsoft Money and the Microsoft MVP Program

The program is best explained by reading the Microsoft pages and other links related to the program, which are below. There are many MVP's associated with most of the products that Microsoft produce. Some frequently asked questions about MVPs are here. If you have a problem with an MVP, or would like to recommend someone to become one (or even thank an MVP for providing a great response), email the program administration (Q11 in the MVP FAQ page).]

MVPs are not employees of Microsoft nor do they speak on Microsoft's behalf. MVPs are third party individuals who have simply received an award from Microsoft. Microsoft place no obligations on us, and the MVP award is for past contributions to the user community, awarded annually.

Over the years, there have been a double digit number of Money MVPs. Sadly as the Money program has been cancelled, the number of Money MVPs has, and there are now few, if any. I was a Money MVP from 1998 to 2010, but did not put myself up for renewal in late 2010, as my time spent helping in the communities dwindled significantly.

Not all provide direct end user support, so you won't see them all in the community forums. MVPs can send regular information into Microsoft to help make a better product. Even though you may not think Microsoft are listening, MVPs are active behind the scenes working with them passing back user feedback, comments and information where on the product and where it can be improved. They also report in bugs (although this shouldn't mean that you don't).

MVP Events

Once every 16 to 18 months, MVPs are invited to an event at Microsoft US, Redmond, Washington USA. At this event, we get to hear and question Microsoft executives (including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer), and also meet with our various product teams.
  • November 2001 Summit. Bill Gates was the keynote speaker, and five Money MVPs managed to attend.
  • February 2003 MVP Summit. This time, both Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates gave keynote presentations. Six of the Money MVPs attended.
  • There was an event in April 2004. Five Money MVPs attended.
  • The event in September 2005 had a good showing by Money MVPs, with four from seven of us there. Steve Ballmer once again gave the keynote.
  • There were three of us at the March 2007 event, which was in March 2007
Most Money MVPs did not attend the 2008 event.

Other Information about Microsoft MVPs

Please remember to always ask questions in the newsgroups or web communities so that others may benefit from any knowledge shared.

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